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Imagine being able to connect with the force of the super conscious . This is the highest form of all knowing intelligent consciousness . There for you to guide you through your life . Most people already know what they want to do in their lives but they want clarification that they're on the right path. I am given this information and much much more. Many people are bringing through the gifts from past lives. This may also come through in the reading. Loved ones may come through in many sessions with advice or a loving message. This session always leaves the client feeling wonderful with a warm heart and hope for the future. The sessions are also usually fun and always end with a smile.
I have researched emotional and physical trauma for many years . I have 25 years research on health , diet and lifestyle. You may want to have some extra time to discuss the facts which have come up in the reading . Included: Full Session Recording File (private download)



Sarah showed signs of being an intuitive empath from a very early age. Her school friends remember her making future predictions that would happen. And she also wanted to become a vet and save animals. Her first book that led her on the path of psychology was called" How to win friends and Influence People". This then inspired her fascination with studying health and fitness. She became vegan 30 years ago. After discovering a strong ability to manifest outcomes, she was directly head hunted by billionaire Denis O Brien. She also worked directly for Richard Branson as a travel p.a. Almost 2 years ago she was drawn to the work of Dolores Cannon and knew instantly she would like to continue in her footsteps. She qualified as a quantum healing hypnotherapist in 2019 and discovered she had the ability to do psychic readings for the clients regarding their lives, past lives and future.


Very Helpful. I have more confidence for the next big change.

Gavin Bowles




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